New Year, New Look

Hey everyone!

I’m back. As you can see, I have finally given this blog a new look. Big thanks to my awesome graphics designer who also happens to be my cousin.

In the next couple of days, I will do some backtracking and retrace my steps – and maybe, just maybe, figure out how I got to where I am right now.

I will be posting a lot of travel photos. (They have piled up!)

It’s just great to be back in the virtual world!

See you all on my dashboard!



Have A Little Faith.

Twenty-fifteen has been one heck of an amazing solo journey. I took all the time I needed to heal and rebuild myself, both metaphorically and literally.

But the universe has its ways, and with a sudden twist of fate, my life turned upside down in a jiffy. I always thought that taking one step forward meant not having to look back – that’s where I was wrong. Somehow, the universe has a funny way of mocking me.


Embracing Change

Twenty-fifteen has brought about so many changes in my life. Instead of cringing and fearing them, I gracefully embraced them. I told myself that these experiences will mold me into becoming a better version of myself.

I no longer want to cling to all the “could have beens”. It’s not that I’ve lost hope, because really – hope is what fuels my soul when I am at my lowest. It’s more of accepting that some things are just not meant to happen, because if God wanted those people and those things in my life, they would still be here but they’re not – I guess I have grown tired of blaming myself. Instead of sulking and clinging to them, I allowed them to slowly slip off my grasp. 

I am not gonna lie though, there are times when my moods bounce from one extreme end to the other. I have dealt with a boatload of anxiety that it came to a point where I no longer had the energy to give a f*ck.

At times, I feel like I am literally devoid of any real emotion and there is an emptiness in me that cannot be filled. I am still searching for something, but I really have no idea what it is exactly that I am searching for.

Perhaps, if I (ever) see him again – I will know.

I have wandered around to see new places, and faces. But in the end, when the curtains fall,  I retire to my sanctuary and crawl safely back into my cocoon, just as I always do.


On blogging & some what nots.

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated this blog and as much as I want to blabber like a freaking chatterbox that I am (on paper and on digital screen) I really don’t have the time and energy to do so – but, in the hopes of resurrecting this blog, I am pushing myself to post a couple of things that has kept me busy for the past months. I’ll back track the past events and will definitely go through the highlights of my life. Yep, I don’t want to start 2016 without updating my blog. As you can see, I’ve already made some minor changes, like the header. That’s just temporary though. I will try to find a graphic artist who can create a good logo and provide good images for this blog to give it a fresh look. That might just entice me to write more.

So, yeah – that’s it for now. Toodles, loves!


Of Empty Hallways & Forgotten Dreams

I searched high and low, went through every nook and cranny only to find my long lost muse lingering in the empty hallways of the place I once called home.

Finally, I am back to where I first started my journey. Who knew that walking down that corridor would feel like coming home?

Perhaps, this is where I truly belong – right here in these empty hallways, with nothing but fragments of my forgotten dreams.




The idea of portraying something unreal for the sake of validation from the public eye does not take my fancy. I have no tolerance for ambiguity. I do not have the capacity to endure your sporadic whims of faking a smile, a hug, a kiss. They do not appeal to me. So please, spare me from whatever delusion you have – that somehow we are a happy family.


We are flawed; we are dysfunctional, and no amount of pretense or falsehood can ever bury that.

© SGJ