Why Are We All Slaves To The Dictates Of Materialism?

Why do we allow ourselves to be enslaved by our devotion to material wealth? Why do we easily give in to our whims and passing impulses?

Whoever denies the love for material wealth is hiding in sheer hypocrisy and pretense, and I bluntly express my abhorrence to that. Who doesn’t want to get rich and live a comfortable life?

Fuck hypocrisy. Even I, am enslaved by the great desire to reach the pinnacle of life, but with it comes the thirst for knowledge, the hunger to embrace every possible thing worth knowing.

I long to uncover the secrets and mysteries of life. There are so many things that I want to learn and understand. There are thousands of books that I still want to read. Little by little, they will consume me but the dictates of materialism and the judgment of the goddamned society can never do that to me.

Devotion to material wealth can only go as far as enslaving me. Knowledge may gnaw at my very core but it is literature that will consume me totally.

I can’t help but wonder, do people think the same way as I do? or do they just want to amass wealth at the expense of others and get on with their lives? Is morality still existent? Or has it become a mere pile of canons and doctrines all wrapped up  in beautiful words, displayed on the walls of society?


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

2 thoughts on “Why Are We All Slaves To The Dictates Of Materialism?”

  1. Hi Sassy – thanks for the follow. I’m stirring up the silt by commenting on such an old post, but hey… I think good and evil have been replaced by rich and poor, our moral compass is now a material one. But don’t let it make you pessimistic. We learn by our mistakes, and think how much we must be learning now!
    There are still pockets of sanity where people and compassion are more important than money. Don’t fall to cynicism, be part of the love in our world – be an ethical lawyer!
    I’m off to read some of your poems now 🙂 thanks for the great blog


    1. Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to actually go over my blog. I appreciate it truly. 🙂
      And yes, I intend to be one of the few remaining “ethical” lawyers. LOL 😀


      I’ll try to fight the cynicism. 😉


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