15 Facts About Me

1. I’m a Madonna Baby. I love her so much! ♥ I know all the lyrics to her songs! I grew up listening to her music. When I was a lil girl, I used to dance wildly when my mom pops in that Madonna tape. It was crazy!

2. I’m a Feline Lover. I’m a Leo-Tiger combination. Now it’s up to you to figure my personality. And I love CATS. I don’t like dogs. No, not at all. They’re icky. Cats are way better and smarter than dogs! Plus, the cat is above all things a dramatist. So much like me.

3. I’m a big Shakespeare fan. He’s the ultimate writer! I love his works. I have a complete set at home. “Romeo and Juliet” is still my favorite. It’s the sweetest and most tragic love story ever written.

4. I’m a Hopeless Romantic. Now this usually surprises people. They often mistake me for a party girl who don’t give a damn. Truth is, I don’t like crowded places. I prefer drinking over that bar counter rather than dancing with my friends. Same goes for my relationships. I don’t like jumping in hastily. I’m a fault finder and I can’t help it. I have this zero-percent tolerance policy when it comes to cheating. I don’t cheat because I don’t want to be cheated on. I want my love story to be perfect. I want to be courted and placed on the pedestal. I want romance. I want passion. I want intense love. I want pure bliss.

5. I’m a Vodka Vixen. Vodka is for women who take risks — women who tease and conquer and command the attention of dangerous men. Vodka is the only thing a girl should chase aside from her dreams. What I’m really trying to say is, a little bit of alcohol is good for the body.

6. I can’t live without Iced Coffee. I don’t drink hot coffee. Just cold. I can finish 10 glasses a day. That’s how addicted I am to it.

7. Chick Lits and Chick Flicks never fail to make me feel good. Whenever I am stressed out, I’d watch a chick flick, alone. It makes me feel good in an instant. I read chick lits when I want to get my mind off something. These two are my stress busters!

8. I use red nail polish most of the time. It may sound weird but hell, it boosts my self-esteem. I’m the kind of girl who believes that ice cream and foot spa can cure everything.

9. I am prone to taking risks. I’m impulsive, stubborn and egoistic. I’m also brutally frank and downright mean. Most of the time, these traits get me in trouble but then again, I never learn. That’s just who I am. Live with it.

10. I’m a bookworm. I’d rather spend cash on books than on the latest fashion. I can’t live without books! Someday, I’ll have my own library at home.

11. I gamble a lot. It’s my addiction. I was able to quit smoking and drinking but gambling? I.just.cant. I CAN’T.

12. I’m very easy to offend. I don’t like jokes. I’m not good at taking sarcastic comments that are meant to be jokes. I take them as they are, sarcastic remarks. Plain and simple.

13. I love the rain. I still love dancing and playing under the pouring rain. I guess I still am a little kid at heart.

14. I prefer eating in bowls than in plates. At home, I never use plates. Just my own ceramic bowls. My mom bought me different sets, for Summer, for Halloween, for Christmas, and for ordinary days. I also have a cat mug to go with my pretty cat bowl. Laugh out loud. I’m like a kid! Hooray!

15. I love to travel. I love seeing new places. Verona oh Verona! I’m dying to visit that place! Romeo and Juliet — Ohh.. how sweet! ♥


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

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