The Glamour Puss

She was a fascinating woman. Fame and glory have been hers for a while but behind the glitz and glamour of her profession was a price to pay. It was there all along, it was a deal, simply waiting to be sealed.

She loved the parties, the night life, the extravagance of it all. She commanded attention, it was a natural thing for her that not even death could take away. Until her last breath, fame had been her slave.

She hid her tormented soul, not wanting the world to see just how anguish has tortured her. Her life was far from perfect but many were fooled by the smiles she faked. She was always charismatic and magnanimous in still images.

All she wanted was for the world to see the alluring side of her, thus, covering all the imperfections not knowing that the backlash would be more than she could handle.

And when she was alone and the lights were not focused on her, she would delve into the bottomless pit of pure emotional stress.

Alcohol, drugs and nicotine fed her hungry soul. She thought they were her friends for they have given her strength to face the world, but only for a while. They robbed her of her true beauty, she aged intensely in a matter of seconds.

She drowned herself in her misery. She forgot who she was. She forgot just how the world loved her. She longed for fame and glory once more but like wicked fiends, they exited the room in a hurry, leaving her behind.

She had her first taste of betrayal and it poisoned her.

It poisoned her to death.

Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

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