Mommy’s Little Angel

My Beautiful Preggy Friend, Shae.

She waited patiently for nine months, looking forward with a smile on her beautiful face as each day passes by. Every second that goes through the sands of time means getting closer to that moment where she will finally breathe a new life into this world.

And as she lets out a painful shriek, her newborn is welcomed into the world by happy familiar faces. Her heart jumping with immense joy that no one can ever dare fathom and pride that cannot be surpassed, her blood rushing through the tiny veins of her baby, her innocent little angel.

She will be an amazing mommy and her husband will always be by her side, holding her with one hand, and his other hand? It will be for their baby to hold on to.

Today, a new chapter of their lives will unfold and that touch of innocence will change them forever.

I tell you, she will be a great mother, just like her mom, just like their mommy.



Note: photo credit goes to Shae

And do visit her blog, she’s an amazing writer!

Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

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