A Penchant For Words And A Penchant For The Rain

She clasped her blanket tightly as she curled up in bed. She tossed and turned before finally gathering the strength to stand up and sit on the corner. She stared at the window pane as the silver droplets cascaded down the glass, as if dancing to a rhythm she knew by heart. She loved the rain. Memories started to flood back and her eyes welled up.

“Mommy! The sky is crying again.”  The 6-year old beautiful brunette girl exclaimed with wonder. Her little, fragile hands tracing the beads of water trickling down the glass.

“Oh Sophia, darling, you really have a penchant for words.” Katherine Winters walked towards her angel and scooped her in her arms. She embraced Sophia tightly.

“Penchant? What’s penchant mommy?” Sophie asked with a curious look on her face.

Katherine smiled as she answered the little girl’s query.

“It means you like words sweetie.”

“Oh. So, that’s what penchant means.” Sophie’s eyes sparkled. She was delighted to have known a new word.

Suddenly, the door opened and a ruggedly handsome man walked in. He took off his drenched coat as the little girl rushed towards him.

“Daddy! Daddy”  She screamed in excitement as she jumped to her daddy’s arms.

“My Darling Sophia.” He carried the little girl to the fireplace where Katherine was sitting.

“My love, you’re home.” She kissed him as he and Sophie sat down beside her. Sophie, restless as she was, rolled on the carpet humming her nursery rhymes. She then looked at her parents who were holding each other, looking perfectly happy. Sophie smiled, rolled towards them and let out a giggle. 

“Daddy, I have a penchant for words, and rain!”

He laughed and knew right then that Sophie got her mother’s gift. He knew that someday, she too, will become a great writer — just like his wife. Katherine beamed, she was proud of her daughter.

They cuddled on the carpeted floor with Sophie in the middle. They listened to the rhythm of the falling rain and fell asleep on each others arms.

They were a perfect family.

Sophia Isabelle Winters had a perfect family, at least until she lost them.

Fate played his dangerous tricks and robbed her the most important part of her life, her family — and now she has nothing left but the fragments of memories she held close to her heart.

She snapped back to reality and grasped her blanket tighter. She traced the droplets as they trickled and softly whispered to herself,

“Sophia, the sky is crying again.”


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

2 thoughts on “A Penchant For Words And A Penchant For The Rain”

  1. Beautiful. You read the beginning and you feel all the love but then as you read it you realize that something has happened to ruin that beautiful picture….I love how you personified fate….delightful!


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