Weep, Oh Lonely Soul

The vast ocean sings to her with a wondrous hymn and the sky spreads his wings, ever ready to envelope her lonely soul, the fragile frame weeping, perching on a big, jagged, sturdy rock, the waves go on splashing without a hint of hesitation, washing away her tears, mixing them with the salty waters that never run dry.


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

2 thoughts on “Weep, Oh Lonely Soul”

  1. When I saw the photo I said ‘what a folorn figure’ and then the words as I read them clarified it for me. Such a sad post, the sorrow cutting deep. The use of imgery of the ocean only helps to bring this sadness to the fore. Well done.


    1. Thank you, Celest 🙂 I’m glad the imagery helped in portraying the message I wish to convey. I’m trying to hone my skills, still learning the art of writing prose.


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