Back From The Unplanned Hiatus

Hello there everyone!

As you can see, I have not posted anything in the past few days – before you make any assumptions as to my sudden disappearance, let me just enlighten you for a moment. 😉

It’s nothing serious, really. I’m perfectly fine. Well, except maybe for this recurring headache and damn runny nose that annoys the hell out of me. No lazy fairy has put a spell of laziness on me either. In fact, I have been reading and writing a lot. So, what is it really that kept me from posting stuff on my blog lately? Oh well, my unplanned hiatus can be explained in two words. Internet Deprivation! Unfortunately, internet is still down. Damn PLDT! They said something went terribly wrong with their system.

I didn’t intend to break the rule of consistency, I swear! (Sorry, Daily Ink Blots.) This is all due to technical issues so please try to bear with me for a while. Don’t worry, this won’t last long. I’m hoping that our internet connection will be fixed soon because this No-Internet thing is driving me nuts! Damn it.

Dear Readers, sorry for the unexpected absence. Aww! This is making me miserable too. 😦


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

6 thoughts on “Back From The Unplanned Hiatus”

    1. This made me smile. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I sure hope our internet connection will be back to normal tomorrow. Big virtual hugs from me to you. 😉


  1. Sassy my friend, the internet might prevent you from posting but not from writing. Keep on keeping on and I hope you get rid of that headache promptly. I’m sending a virtual box of tissues and a hug.


    1. Hi Boomie, I’m hoping it will. I miss you all as well. I’m gonna try to catch up on my dash. I’m sure there’s plenty of works to be read. Ahh, this is gonna be a busy night. 🙂


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