Blog Awards Night

I have been meaning to post this but unfortunately, the past few days kept me busy — but now, I’m totally free,  I have all the time I need to write my thank you notes and share these awards to you, my dear readers and followers.

Ready? Here it goes. I want to start with the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF AWARD given by Ferdinand and Celestine — let me thank them first.

They are both amazing writers who know how to captivate their readers. You should check out their blogs, although I doubt that you haven’t heard of them yet.

So, Ferdinand and Celestine, thank you for passing this award to me. I appreciate it truly.

Apparently, there are only a few simple rules to accepting this award:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. ☑ check!

2.  Tell the world 7 things about yourself that you have not yet shared. ☑ check!

  1. I’m scared of the dark.
  2. I dream of joining a theater play.
  3. My stuffed toy “panda bear” has been with me for 25 years now.
  4. I throw tantrums if I don’t get a good sleep — but give me a caramel bar and I’ll calm down.
  5. I am violent when provoked.
  6. I cannot appreciate the humor in that “Borat” film. In fact, I hate it.
  7. I don’t like green tea, lemon tea, milk tea or any kinds of tea. I just can’t bear the thought of swallowing it.
3.  Nominate 7 fellow bloggers and let them know. ☑ check!
  1. Coco
  2. Sulaimi
  3. Sasha
  4. Katy
  5. Charles
  6. Jane
  7. Ash

There you go, the 7 bloggers I want to get to know more. Next up is the SUNSHINE AWARD given by Ash. Allow me to show her my gratitude first.

My Dear Ash,

Frankly, I didn’t see this coming. I mean, we don’t talk much on wordpress, but still, you found your way onto my blog. I was surprised, and I am very grateful for this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a nice person. I hope to get to know you more. I’m looking forward to more of your posts. Keep writing, I’ll see you on my dash.

😉 Sassy

Okay, let’s get back to business. This is how it works:

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog. ☑ check!

2. State these things for fun if you want to. ☑ check!

  1. My favorite colors: Red & Yellow
  2. My favorite animals: Cat, Lion & Tiger
  3. I am on (Social Networking Sites/Blogs) Facebook, Twitter, WordPress & Tumblr
  4. My passion: Writing
  5. My favorite patterns: Polka Dots, Tiger & Leopard Print
  6. I love: Myself, more than anyone else. 😀 Oh okaaay, I love prose & poetry.
  7. My favorite numbers: 14
  8. Days of the week: Sunday
  9. My favorite flowers: Sunflower / Red Rose

3. Nominate some of the blogs you like. ☑ check!

  1. Rosy
  2. Lilith
  3. Julia
  4. Kira
  5. Marie
  6. Dulcinea
  7. Tom

4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate. ☑ check!

5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you. ☑ check!

To all my readers, please go visit  Ash. I’m sure you’ll love her blog. Now, go and show her some love! 😀 Thank you!

Moving on, I want to thank my dear blog friend slash Spanish teacher, Rosy, for the next two awards. She sure is a darling. You should drop by her blog whenever you can.

Okay now, let’s go to  THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.

For the versatile blogger award, I just have to pick “versatile bloggers” and pass this on to them. 😀 Okay, I hereby give this award to the following bloggers who, in my opinion, have shown versatility at its best. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for: *drum roll*

  1. Audrina
  2. Katherine
  3. Sharmishtha
  4. Just A Thought
  5. Celestine
  6. Margaret
  7. Kellie
There you go, my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award. Go ahead and visit their sites. 
The last award for tonight is called the SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGERS AWARD.
With this one – I must tell you 7 things about me that you don’t know & pass it on to some lovely sisters.
  1. I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid, probably one of the characters I made up in my head. LOL 😀
  2. I learned how to play “mahjong” when I was 9.
  3. I’m not a sports person — but I played lawn tennis in high school, probably the only sports I know.
  4. I have tried drinking liquor for 30 consecutive nights. Gaaah! I hate the mornings-after!
  5. I hate mangoes and other fruits whatsoever. I can’t bear the thought of taking a bite.
  6. I made a complete wedding plan when I was 18, (oh well, except for the groom! I didn’t have a boyfriend then!) and thought of getting married by the time I reach 23. I’m almost 26, and still not married. LOL 😀
  7. My favorite names are Scarlette, Jared and Andrew.
And finally, I want to nominate the following bloggers for this award, in no particular order:
To wrap it up, I want to congratulate all the receivers, you deserve it! and thank my givers, I appreciate it! Let’s all give each other a big virtual smile and get on with blogging. Have a great day / night everyone! 😀


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

38 thoughts on “Blog Awards Night”

  1. All I can say is thank you so much for the honor! I’m sorry I’m so late in accepting it, I’ve been in a bit of a ‘I’m too scared to write, it’s too much pressure’ sabbatical for the past two years, but I am back and I am so thankful for the award!

    I think it’s mandatory for future writers to have imaginary friends, the characters must have always been with us, even when we didn’t realize it yet!


    1. Aww, thank you for the appreciation. I’m glad to know I’m radiating some kind of ‘inspiration’ around here. Keep writing because I am one of your many supporters. 😉


  2. congradulations on your awards you deserve them..its a lovely blog you got here…#*puusshhhhh*(i think its the sound of champaign bottle opening lol) lets drink to this…nd keep them posts coming…


    1. You should! I’m kind of an award hoarder myself. Hahah. Glad that you started a new job, is it that costume designing thing for an upcoming film?


    1. One of the very few males I nominated for the various awards.You are very welcome, Tom. You deserve it. But I think you’re the only male I nominated for that specific award. 😉


    1. Thank you so much Celest! 🙂 And you’re welcome! How could I not think of you? You’re one of my favorite writers here!


  3. Borat’s physical looks make me laugh, though. Congrats on the many awards. Really nice blog you got going on here. What’s your tumblr? Mine is


    1. Oh yeah, he looks funny and weird and annoying. lol 😀 Thank you for the lovely words Addie, I’ll check your tumblr later, thanks for sending me the link. Mine is,


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