Black Out Poetry

I have Addie to thank for this. I first heard of Black Out Poetry from Tyler Knott who happens to be the one of the inspirations of Addie. I have always admired the guy for his creativity and eloquence. Check him out and you’ll know what I mean. Another artist who writes Black Out Poetry is Austin Kleon — I discovered his talent through Addie.

As I went through Addie’s blog tonight, I realized that I have always wanted to try this Black Out Poetry thing, well, back to my tumblr days that is — but I never had the chance because my cluttered brain seems to be working all the time. It slipped off my mind and just came back a few hours ago, thanks to The Blackout Poetess, also known as Addie.

So, here it goes. My first shot at Black Out Poetry. Enjoy 😉

Note: I used a page from Nora Roberts’ book, Key of Light.



Storm ripped over the mountains

Lightning strikes

Fire slammed

A sizzle of temper

Boiled with power

Maternal Wrath

An ominous rattling in her


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

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