Food For The Gods

One rainy afternoon as Idol, Earl and I were walking around the mall, we came across this thing called “Food For The Gods”. It immediately caught my eye and waves of curiosity splashed over us. They were sold for only 15.00php each, so we decided to buy three. Earl couldn’t wait to taste it, so the moment we paid for them, he hurriedly opened his and gobbled it all up.

I was waiting for some sort of amusement or a little praise for the food but the only thing I heard after he ate it was this: “Butterscotch!” Ahh! so much for a surprise! I was expecting more, why the hell would they name it “Food For The Gods”?! Much to my dismay, I kept mine in my bag and decided to eat it later. I was thinking, Damn! I could buy a butterscotch for 5.00php tops.

Idol ate his butterscotch when we were in the cab. Again, I looked for some approval. I asked him if it tasted good. He said it tasted like your typical butterscotch. Epic fail. I expected something more like, “Hell, this is delicious!” or “Now I know why they call this “Food For The Gods!” But nothing. Nothing of that sort. Nada. Zilch! Zeroooo.

It was my turn to eat mine, so I unzipped my bag and took it out. I opened the little pack and poof! It was so plain! Food For The Gods?! This is it? For the love of God, it’s just your plain, good ole butterscotch in an enticing wrapping.

Oh. It’s butterscotch with lotsa nuts. So, that’s what “Food For The Gods” is. 😀

 Moral Lesson Of The Story:

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful wrappings. In real life, a person may look stunning but it’s the character that gives it a different flavor!


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

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