A Pinch Of Angst.

You lured me to the darker side of life. You blindfolded me and took my hand as you guided me through the cracked tiles and dirty walls. I glided with ease as I faithfully believed in your fallacy. Your empty promises echoed in my head and left a resonating sound. You left me in the middle of warring hearts and saved yourself. You found your way out of the labyrinth. You took the easy way out. You always did.

Now, you are out of my sight but the tainted memories you left are still scattered on the floor. You showered me with pain and now it is my turn to wish you well.

May you forever be entwined with despair, and may your vows rip your souls into pieces.


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

19 thoughts on “A Pinch Of Angst.”

  1. hey Sassy! Up for a game of tag? Sorry, being the computer-nut head I am, i dont know how to link the post here. but if you can check it out on my blog, that’d be great 🙂

    Thanks and stay sassy! 🙂


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