Sophia’s Nightmare

She begged him to stop. She hid in the dark corner to shield herself from his violent attacks.

He screamed and threw hard punches. She couldn’t bear the nightmare. She ran to him. She was tugging his shirt, crying and screaming,

“Daddy, daddy, please don’t hurt mommy!”

but the man who smelled of nicotine and cheap alcohol ignored her weeping. He struggled to loosen her grip and without a hint of hesitation, he pulled the trigger.

She fell on the floor and as the innocent child crawled towards her, she whispered her last words, “I.. I love you, Sophia.”

The monster left her drenched in her mama’s blood.


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

10 thoughts on “Sophia’s Nightmare”

  1. You are an advocate of social ills as well I see, I appreciate your bringing attention to the horrible ills in our society. this reminds me of a few I have written feel free to take a look under cat g. grief abuse social ills. Love your writes


    1. Yes, I am. The increasing number of abused women and children is terrifying. 😦 I’m against violence and other social ills. I would love to read your work, can you send me the link? Thank you so much. Oh, and I appreciate the compliment.


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