My Battle Cry

Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep, wishing that I could re-write my life. If only the cascading tears could wash away the stains of my past, I’d squeeze my tear ducts out until they give up.

Sometimes, I wish for the strength to boldly march along the pavements of my disturbing mind, to face this deadly battle once and for all, and to put an end to the resonating echoes of my personal demons.

Sometimes, I pray to God to send me an angel, to help me get through. I pray that he’ll hear my battle cry and know that I cannot face this on my own without scathing myself.

Sometimes, I hope that someone out there would listen to me, delve in and fathom my most intimate thoughts and understand that I am only human; I make mistakes that I’m not proud of, mistakes that I regret every single day.

Sometimes, I escape reality and bury myself in solitude for fear of rejection. I’m afraid that if all of my sins are laid down before me, no one will be there to accept me for who I am and what I have done.

Sometimes, I need to accept the cold truth that all I have is myself.

Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

16 thoughts on “My Battle Cry”

  1. So heart~wrenching, my heart goes out to you and recognizes the pain. How eloquent your words are and with the writing perhaps you will find the strength that we as women
    possess that deep down inner strength we don’t realize we have until we are so down the curb looks like up. I am pleased you called on God for with Him ALL things are possible if we just ask. God bless you Sassy!


  2. Sassy, you have a beautiful heart and I appreciate you sharing. Oddly enough, I was actually just thinking today that, no matter how bad off a person thinks their life is, there’s always at least one other person wishing they could have a life that good.


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