Experience The Halkidiki Hotels To Die For

Who never dreamed of going to Greece?

It is probably one of the most romantic places ever and we know for a fact that weddings in Greece are among the best in the whole wide world. Weddings or not, romance or just plain leisure, Greece is one of the hottest places to visit.

If you are planning a trip to the Mediterranean, you should familiarize yourself with these Halkidiki Hotels and make reservations as soon as you can.

The Hotels in Halkidiki

There are five popular and amazing hotels in Halkidiki to choose from. First off, you have the Athos Palace Hotel which offers sea-view rooms and mountain-view rooms. It is located near the beautiful beaches of Halkidiki, and this hotel boasts their very own private “golden” beach which was awarded a blue flag seal for its water clearness.

Next up, you have the Simantro Beach Hotel which was basically inspired by a monastery. It’s architecture is unique and the hotel is mostly made up of wood and stone, bringing the old Byzantine elements to life. They have various bars and high-standard restaurants. You can also choose to spend your afternoon in the beach terrace where you can bask in the sun while enjoying your refreshments.

One of the prominent Halkidiki Hotels can be found on a hilltop, they call this the Macedonian Sun Hotel. This is the perfect place for someone who seeks serenity. The picturesque scenery will surely clear your mind of the worries you have. You can unwind by taking a walk along the gardens and into the beaches. If you want to enjoy good food, you can head to the Roma Pizzeria and if you’re looking for booze, they have the Beer Garden Bar, or if you prefer to have your daily dose of caffeine, you can visit the Aegean Coffee House. Whatever you want, you can find it here, be it clubs, shops or spas. The Macedonian Sun is indeed a great place to have fun.

For couples and families, the Pallini Beach Hotel is popular. It’s romantic ambiance is perfect for honeymoons or dates with your loved ones. It is also great for family time because they offer various recreations that are suitable for all ages. As for the service, they have the most pleasing staff who are ready to be of service to you, round the clock. The Pallini Hotel also has sea view suites for families, or friends, or lovers. They have a wide-array of restaurants ranging from Italian to Akrogialli, which by the way serves great seafoods, to Beach Restos and Sunflower Piano Bar. You should try these great greek food served with great music, the Pallini way.

Last but definitely not the least is the Theophano Imperial Palace. Just as it sounds, you will surely experience what it’s like to be a prince or princess in this 5-star hotel. For accommodation, they offer club suites, and great pool suites with its own private pool and garden. This hotel sure knows how to treat royalty. You can choose from traditional Italian dishes to modern day cocktails and after that, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the royal treatment.

There you have it, the five distinguished, beautiful Halkidiki Hotels. Take your pick and make your vacation worthwhile. Bask in the sun and enjoy the heat of summer with a cocktail in hand. Life is good, isn’t it?


NOTE: *** I work as a freelance writer and this is one of my works. This is an original and I still own the copyright to it. I’m tired of people stealing my write ups.


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