Meet Hemingway The Hedgehog


So, I have finally decided to get myself a new companion this summer! Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you all to meet my new baby, Hemingway the Hedgehog. He’s a very cool pet. Like most hedgehogs, he may be mean and aggressive at first, but once I got to tame him, he showed me just how sweet and adorable he really is.


I named my hedgehog Hemingway after the famous and brilliant writer, Ernest Hemingway. Needless to say, he’s one of my favorite writers — thus, Hemingway the Hedgehog exists.

Getting a hedgehog for a pet was a big decision. It meant that I would have to allot enough time for my new pet, and so far, I have been a very good pet owner, kind of a spoiler in fact! LOL

Here are some pictures of Hemingway the Hedgie.


Here’s Hemingway and his dirty little trick. Uggh! Prepare to watch him ball up, ladies! He can be a grumpy little hedgie at times. 😀 But seriously, it’s just his way of defending himself — he usually feels scared and threatened when he starts balling up. This photo of him was taken when I first got my hands on him.


Hedgehogs seldom bite, it’s the prickly spines you need to watch out for. My fingers bled because of his sharp quills but what the heck, t’was all worth it. Yep, he didn’t wanna show his face when I first met him. He was pretty shy and scared. Aww, but just look at him, he’s so adorable hiding under the wood shavings. Ohmygod!


Ease up, Hemingway! No one’s gonna hurt you, baby.


This is Hemingway’s playpen. I made his “hide” myself. I got the Garfield bucket from KFC. He loves his little home, and of course, that tissue roll. He loves to play with it. For some reason, hedgehogs love to put their heads inside the tube and run around like crazy. Hemingway does that, like most of the time he’s left alone in his cage! 😉


Aww, the mean and aggressive hedgie is now a tamed baby! 😉


Say Hello to Baby Hemingway the Hedgie!


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

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