Life As I Know It

I have lived a fairly decent life, that I’m pretty sure of.


What most people don’t know is the fact that I have struggled to get through long periods of darkness and depression. Maybe it was because of my own doing, or maybe because I have chosen the wrong path too many times. I know I have made so many wrong decisions in my life, that I won’t — nor will I ever deny.

It just suddenly dawned on me that I’m way past the goddamned quarter life crisis, and I cannot anymore use that as an excuse for my behavior. I can no longer blame quarter life for my complacency. I tell you, being complacent is not good for me. It defeats the existence of a reason and a purpose to live.

I have been through terrible stages of depression, where I couldn’t anymore see the point of living. I felt hopeless and helpless then, and I’m just really glad that I have fought so hard to make my way out of it.

At this point in my life, I could finally say that I am a survivor. I have survived sorrow, grief, depression, heartbreaks, and failures. I’m grateful for the strength God has given me in times of all those hardships. My faith has kept me alive.

I have a purpose to fulfill. I have a reason to live for. I know in my heart that in God’s time, I will be able to catch my ever-elusive dreams if I keep trying. What I need to do now is push myself to continue and never give up, because life is a gift from God, and it sure is worth living. 


Author: Sassy

Country girl with a gypsy soul, living life the unconventional way.

7 thoughts on “Life As I Know It”

  1. Life has many ups & downs. And- the downs can sometimes really hurt. But – like you said…You’re a survivor. If you got through that- you will make the rest of the way – no problem 😉 Stay strong!


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