Of Empty Hallways & Forgotten Dreams

I searched high and low, went through every nook and cranny only to find my long lost muse lingering in the empty hallways of the place I once called home.

Finally, I am back to where I first started my journey. Who knew that walking down that corridor would feel like coming home?

Perhaps, this is where I truly belong – right here in these empty hallways, with nothing but fragments of my forgotten dreams.



An Ode To My Muse

Waves of black smoke wallowed into the room where I dwell in solitude. I hear your voice resembling the echoes of thundering cannons fired from a distance. I lay motionless on a bed of carefully crafted thorns, my mind wandering in the dark, revisiting the rustic cottage where I kept all my memories of you. I will always run back to you for comfort, for strength, for inspiration. You will forever be my muse.


Just Maybe



She met him once somewhere but she couldn’t quite put the pieces together. Was it in the nearby coffee shop? Or the busy streets of oblivion? Or maybe she happened to have accidentally bumped into him in her dreams. All she knew was, she has seen that wickedly handsome and annoyingly arrogant face. She just couldn’t remember where. Maybe he still lingers in the dark recesses of her mind.

Maybe, just maybe.


A Decade Of Cruel Affliction

sad-alone-girls (7)

A decade has passed and what’s left of the wounds are scars that no laser could ever vaporize. How could I forget you when you have meticulously imprinted your identity in my heart, every single detail finished to perfection. My love, your name I do not wish to utter but somehow, it stubbornly finds a way to linger in my head. Even in my dreams, I can hear its resonating echoes. I have painstakingly endured a decade of brokenness, a decade of cruel affliction. You have ruthlessly ruptured my heart. What’s left of me are broken fragments, stitched back together.

You left me with a mark, you left me with a scar that even time itself cannot erase.


Invoking My Muse

Where oh where are you my beloved muse?

I cannot bleed words if you stubbornly hide yourself in the darkest abyss. I invoke you, my beloved muse. Come show yourself and end this longing. Put a stop to this yearning. It is time, my love. I need you. Oh yes, I do need you to guide me and offer words of wisdom, of faith, of love.

You, my muse is the key to opening the safe that holds all words sacred and real. Come to me now and help me spill ink. Make these words soaked in tears become visible on parchments. Let me write again.

Let me write of love, let me write of pain. 

My love, let me write of you again.


Darkest Hours

I loved you at your darkest hours.

Your immensity scared me because I know that I couldn’t trust myself to stay away from you. I patiently listened to your crashing waves as I tried to decipher your thoughts in utter failure. It was cold and chilly. The soft blows of the wind made me shiver. Everything about you is was just so wickedly beautiful.

Sometimes, I’d get lost in the moment and drown in nostalgia. It is was pure bliss. But you mean nothing to me now.


The Unfinished Chapter

He scribbled words of love on the empty pages of her life but little by little they all became hollow, devoid of meaning. Her tears washed away the stains of the broken promises but the traces of ink stubbornly refused to disappear completely. A part of him will always be on those pages. She was left with no choice but to tear them off and with a heavy heart, she crumpled the torn pages but she could not bring herself to throw them away. She held the wrinkled papers close to her chest for a minute, a brief sixty-second that felt like eternity. He will always be that missing part, that unfinished chapter and she will forever remember how happy she was when he was the one who made her heart beat, the words soaked in tears will bring her back to the time when he was the man she fell in love with.